Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Put a Cash Register Right on Your Blog!

Bring you handmade items right to your buyers with ArtFire's new Rapid Cart application!

ArtFire launched a revolutionary new concept in February aimed at increasing the sales of it's member artisans, by allowing buyers to checkout for items right from member's blogs!

With Rapid Cart buyers never have to leave your blog to shop and pay for your handmade items that are listed on ArtFire. 256 bit, secure checkout with multiple payment options takes place in about 28 seconds right on your blog! When the purchase is finished you receive notification and the order is processed just like a normal sale through your ArtFire account.

Rapid Cart is like putting a cash register right on your blog, social media sites, or Web site. In fact Rapid Cart will work anywhere on the Internet that allows Flash, and installs on your sites in just a couple minutes! Now you can manage an endless number of sales channels that are all powered by your ArtFire account!

ArtFire's new Rapid Cart, enhanced member feature, is available to every Verified seller on ArtFire free of charge. In fact ArtFire never charges a listing, or final value fee on any item sold by members on the site or through Rapid Cart. ArtFire is Your Handmade Headquarters!

Join the ArtFire community, start selling more of your handmade items and add Rapid Cart to your blogs to increase sales here!